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Yet again, I am going to take another second, out of such a busy life, filled with work, labor, let downs, fist shakes, cold sweats, and struggles, to expand whats very far from it all and make it into a lifetime right here... 

Tonight, I will lay my blankets and sleep warm and soft, alone and back in my own world. I will open my window from high, and breathe the cool night air, and dream of what I have missed, of what I have wanted to live, because for the last days, I have been living that life of spotlights and eyes. 

Now away from those cursed lights, I sleep tight tonight, alone in shadows and memoies...
But sadly not for long... 


Soon that work will pay off.
Soon I will rebuild the world I helped destroy.
Soon I will have the time.
Soon my family and friends will know me

Just a matter of time before I am free
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