6_dead_bullets (6_dead_bullets) wrote,

Saving Lives With Bullets.

Today, destruction. Tomorrow, chaos.

 Saving lives with bullets.

Fear the sunlight.

Conversations with empty voles.

A Phantom Moon.


This is the nector of whats behind tomorrow.

Ill Starve.

Is it any wonder I can't sleep?
All I have is all you gave to me
Is it any wonder I found peace through you?
Turn to the gates of heaven, to myself be damned
Turn away from light.


I've damned myself, best to turn change around.

This sundown, I failed.

Flavor has lost its touch.
Smell has lost its blossom.
Sounds have become grotesque with beauty.


Nothing Seems To Last Forever.



I don't know when the next bone will be thrown.
I don't know what will shine when the stars fall.

There is only one true thing that is known.

That is of a still beating heart of mine someone holds.

She holds it dear.


This Is For You...

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