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Memories Remain... As Time Goes On...

 Its like coming in side an abandoned house with rusted walls, empty chairs, broken windows, and wood, swelled by tears of joy followed by tears of sorrow...

I've spent the last couple of days wondering around livejournal. Friends. Old entries. Pictures. I have no words to describe what the pain is inside my stomach that keeps me from typing like I want.

Some one asked me today what would my heaven would be like... And for some very odd reason every single one of my entry post came too mind... Not because of the words I struggled to say or not of the pictures or drawings I put up... 

Simply put it was because of you. You, the one who is reading this. Because you didn't just skim through my entry or read the beginning and click somewhere else. But because right now you feel somewhat the same. Or you're trying your best too.

But for just this once. And only once...

This entry is not for you.

I need something to believe in for a while longer. I can't just let all this go.

I cannot forget.

I will not forget.
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