6_dead_bullets (6_dead_bullets) wrote,

Long time no see.

Hmm. Haven't been around here in a long time. I really hope people come back. LJ was one of the most amazing times for me and I know you've had good ones here too.

I couldn't help but sped an entire day reading everything I have ever written, and what my friends have written. We have all shared our lives and experiences here. Sure we might not ever hang out, talk on the phone, see each other at the store, or even text each other. But here we always shared a bit of life.

Regardless of the circumstances, you wrote, and we read.

I know maybe now, years later, this might seem trivial to come back into something that teenagers did, or that writing thoughts were pointless and a thing of the past... But I, for one never cared to write poetry or stories, or to impress you with lyrics and times of my life.

I did it to hear yours. To live beside you, even if I'm not there. And I always said, live journal will stand the test of time. Sure we have myspace now and even a face book. But there was something about live journal that we couldn't help it love.

Consider this thought of LJ. I read what you write on myspace, I read what you write on face book. Believe me, I do. But as cheesy as this might sound,
That is still not enough to grow up with you like I did on live journal...

So, I'm back. Hello. Ha ha ha ha!
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